The most striking thing about the British International School of Stockholm is the warmth and security that runs through every aspect of school life.


Before we moved to Sweden, we wondered and worried: would our children make new friends quickly? Would they be included and feel a sense of belonging? What about the quality of the education?


Now, after almost two years, I can say that I had no reason to worry. The experience has exceeded my expectations.


Firstly, I am so grateful that my children have had the opportunity to meet and work alongside children of many different nationalities. It is inspiring to see how naturally children accept and learn from each other when they are in a non-threatening environment such as the British International School. This experience will shape their tolerance and respect for others, for the rest of their lives.


Secondly, I am thrilled with the quality of the teaching they are receiving. The small class sizes mean more individual attention and less distraction. My children are quite shy but have had no problems speaking up in class and openly sharing their ideas, as their classes are small and full of friends! They become completely hooked on whatever topic they are studying, whether it’s Ancient Egypt, Chinese New Year, the Rainforest or plants! The teaching of core subjects, such as English and Maths, is very thorough and I see real progress from week to week. It’s hard to define, but there is a unique combination of gentleness and high expectation between teachers and pupils. Children have pride in their work and want to do well. Both my children love school and get huge rewards for all their efforts.


The teachers are established and experienced. The turnover is very low which means that there is a tangible team atmosphere and understanding amongst the staff. Each year, I have felt that the teacher really knows my child and will listen to any concerns or ideas openly and without prejudice.


For parents, especially mothers, the school can be a life-line for support, friendship and company, especially in the early days. I have felt involved in the everyday activities of my children and have made wonderful friends who have made my time in Stockholm so rich and rewarding.


Lesley Viet-Jacobsen


I like BISS because all the teachers are kind and every person here is nice.

Mamika, Year 4


I like BISS because we have got a big playground with a big football pitch. We have also got music, gym and computer lessons.

George, Year 4


I think the school is very good because it has interactive whiteboards and there are no bullies.

Henry, Year 4


The thing I like about BISS is that all the teachers are so friendly and we have a lovely playground. We learn about so many different things. It’s a great school and I have so many friends.

Lauren, Year 4