Stage 2

STAGE TWO - Assessment

The British International School of Stockholm is a non-selective school and therefore does not require children to take an entrance test. In order to ensure that the school’s educational programme is appropriate for individual children, we therefore rely on parents providing full and detailed information with their application, particularly if their child currently receives support in school, or is new to English language. We also require copies of recent school reports and will request a confidential reference from the child’s current school.

At The British International School, we have a specialist Individual Needs team which caters for children who need support or extension within or outside of their class. They also provide support for children with English as an additional language (EAL) who are at an early stage of acquiring English language skills.

If it is likely that a child will require learning or English language support, it is useful for the parents and the child to meet with our Head of Individual Needs, during the school visit.

Whilst we are able to support the majority of individual children’s educational needs, it is occasionally the case that The British International School of Stockholm is not the most suitable school for a child. This is covered by Swedish regulations as outlined in the following paragraphs.

An independent school that is approved by the Swedish school authorities is open to all children with the exception of those with special needs that can cause significant organizational or economic difficulties for the school. It is therefore necessary that the school have the possibility to judge if the admission of the child could cause such difficulties.

We must give children in need of support the help necessary for them to succeed in their studies. It is up to us to see to it that we get the correct and necessary resources for each child.

The child’s home kommun is, in certain cases, not responsible for giving the support a child needs. In order for the school to obtain any additional support from the kommun, we must be informed of the nature and level of your child’s special needs, be it behavioural, emotional, educational or physical. We must, therefore, ask you to give us all the information necessary about your child in order that we can make an objective judgement about his/her needs. Has the child received support before and, if so, what type? What is your judgement of the child’s needs, etc?

According to the Swedish school authorities, parents/guardians have an obligation to provide information to us, the independent school. If it should become apparent after the child has started with us that you have not given us important information to judge the need for extra support, we have the right to ask your child to leave the school. This will not be the case if the kommun of family is willing to pay for the extra support and the significant organisational difficulties that would arise for the school if the student remained.
On occasion, if it is agreeable to both the school and the family, a trial period may be offered with full details stating requirements and timeframe for review, discussed and put in writing.