Our Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles



To be recognised as providing an outstanding holistic education which maximises learning for every pupil. As such, BISS will be recognised as a leading international school and the International School of choice in Stockholm.




Through outstanding teaching, BISS will nurture a responsible, reflective, respectful and globally-minded community of lifelong learners who demonstrate high levels of achievement whilst maximising personal, social, physical and academic development in an environment of positive challenge.


A BISS education is designed to enable smooth transition to other English speaking schools and examination courses around the world.


Guiding Principles


As a learning focused, non-profit making organisation, BISS is totally committed to making a difference, not a profit.


The following guiding principles stand alongside our mission, vision and definition of learning and therefore underpin all of our educational thinking:


  • A safe and stimulating environment – safe to succeed, take risks and learn through mistakes

  • Low stress, high appropriate challenge to enable all pupils to realise their potential

  • Engendering a love of learning

  • Effective learning for all, promoted by aiming for excellence

  • A holistic approach to learning

  • Celebrating success in all aspects of learning

  • An inclusive culture, valuing the uniqueness and achievement of each child

  • Developing reflective and motivated lifelong learners

  • Promoting, modelling and developing respect for oneself, others and the environment

  • A forward looking school, that explores new research based approaches to improving learning



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