Lower Key Stage 2


Key stage 2 consists of Years 3 and 4 and our children are usually aged between 7 and 9.


Children’s experiences in Team 2 are marked by a carefully considered balance between support and greater freedom, independence and responsibility. The majority of children move into Team 2 confident in their reading, writing and numeracy skills and teachers and learning assistants promptly identify those in need of support and take steps to provide it. The teaching of maths and English becomes more formalised as children experience structured daily lessons in these subjects though staff continue to link children’s to the wider International Primary Curriculum and to the children’s own experiences. Visits and trips continue to provide a real world context to the children’s learning and help maintain their excitement and enthusiasm. Links between home and school through reading diaries, email, homework and parent – teacher conferences continue to be of the utmost importance in ensuring children continue to make excellent progress.


Throughout this age range children continue to grow socially and emotionally. They develop their speaking and listening skills through drama, pair and group work as they explore a range of problems, dilemmas and moral issues in all areas of the curriculum. They deepen their understanding of themselves as learners, reflecting on how they learn best and identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Within their classrooms and throughout the school they take on more responsibility for their learning, their belongings and towards the school community.