The Foundation Stage consists of our Nursery and Reception classes (ages 3-5).  In the Foundation Stage, we recognise that children of this age learn best through active, play-based learning opportunities.  Through engaging topics that reflect the children’s interests (such as Pirates and Superheroes) and exciting learning, we aim to foster a love of learning from an early age. 


Our curriculum broadly follows that of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum taught in England.  This curriculum is specifically designed to meet the learning needs of young children and ensures they receive a broad and balanced curriculum, with equal emphasis being put on developing essential physical and social skills to developing their academic ability.  The curriculum is split into the following aspects of learning:


·      Personal, Social and Emotional Development

·      Physical Development

·      Communication and Language

·      Literacy

·      Mathematics

·      Understanding the World

·      Expressive Arts and Design


We follow the 'Letters and Sounds' phonics programme, supporting children to listen to, copy and talk about sounds and to use their knowledge of letters and sounds to begin reading and writing words as soon as they are ready. 


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