English as an additional language (EAL)


The EAL department is an important part of our school, and many of the students enrolling at BISS have English as a second language. These children are well supported by the EAL team, made up of 3 experienced teachers, a learning assistant and an EAL team leader. In addition to this team, all class teachers are aware of the special challenges our multilingual children face when they arrive in an English speaking school and how best to adapt school resources to help them.


Children who are new to the English language or who have limited experience of English, are assessed by our specialist EAL teacher and provided with intensive, small-group language teaching. The aim is to enable children to integrate fully into normal classroom activities as quickly as possible. 


If children arrive with some knowledge of English they will quickly be assessed and put into appropriate groups depending on their level of English. They will receive support in and out of class based on individual needs. The groups are regularly assessed and they can change during the year.


EAL staff are always available for consultations at the beginning and end of the school day and also at parent consultations. Our EAL team believes that a close working relationship with the parents can help the children learn English quickly and effectively.