Fee Structure


Fee Schedule 2017-18


Application Fee (one off payment)                                                                                               SEK 1000

Payable upon submission of application 

SEK 1000 per child up to a maximum of SEK 3000 per family  

Please give your family name as a reference when paying      


Enrolment Fee (one off payment)                                                                                                SEK 33000

Payable after being offered a place

SEK 33000 for 1st and 2nd child, SEK 25000 for 3rd and subsequent children



Annual Tuition Fee (paid in two parts as per terms of payment)



SEK 108000



SEK 108000


Year 1                                                                                                

SEK 102000


Years 2 – 4                                                                                          

SEK 91800


Year 5                                                                  

SEK 92300


Year 6                                                

SEK 96500


Year 7 & 8                                           

SEK 98900


Year 9                                                        

SEK 109000


Year 10

SEK 115200


Year 11

SEK 122400


Please note that fees for children who are not registered with their local kommun (i.e. who do not have a Swedish personal number) are substantially higher than those listed above. Please contact the school for further information.


For more information on our terms of payment, government subsidies and other fee related information please click on the 'Fee Terms and Conditions' PDF below.